About Us

Community Ventures is a non-profit developer of affordable housing in Philadelphia. It was incorporated in 1987 with the mission of entering into joint venture redevelopment efforts with locally-based organizations. Community Ventures works with its partners, most often neighborhood organizations, over a period of several years, planning and building a critical mass of housing and mixed-use development to stabilize and improve the local community.  It has also partnered with other non-profit organizations on individual stand-alone projects.

At every stage of production, from project planning through the sale or rental of the new homes, Community Ventures strives to bring the greatest possible improvement to the neighborhoods in which we work and to fulfill the goals of our community partners. At the same time, we conscientiously pursue the programmatic and underwriting goals of our lenders, grantors and investors.

Community Ventures is sensitive to the historic character of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods and recognizes this history and fabric as a great asset. We are also aware of the need, in some cases, to transform Philadelphia’s housing stock to meet the needs of modern families. In particular, Community Ventures recognizes the need to reduce the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of our built environment. We have long pushed to achieve a high level of energy efficiency, and, in recent years, have achieved Energy Star certification for all new projects.

Community Ventures has also met or exceeded storm water management requirements on all of its most recent projects.  We included in the planning for one of our most recent projects, Ingersoll Commons, the creation of a new park and a large rain garden, which will manage storm water run-off from several nearby public streets. These components will be completed by the Philadelphia Water Department and the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation. We have also included planning for the management of public storm water as part of Centennial Village.